What We Believe & Want

  • Recurring, direct cash payments to
    Americans, for Americans not eligible
    for unemployment benefits.
  • Single direct cash payments to
    Americans, for Americans not
    eligible for unemployment benefits,
    should recurring, direct cash
    payments not be possible.
  • Federally expanded unemployment
    benefits, both in payment amount
    and people able to receive
    unemployment payments.
  • Placing equal importance on the health
    of Americans, compared to the
    American economy.

Why We Want It

There should be support for the microeconomies of individual Americans, their families and communities while working to provide them with optimal health and safety, by reducing unnecessary risk to COVID-19 until the risks associated with the virus is reduced.

What we want works in favor of the United States, as it seeks to reduce the negative impact of COVID-19 on American health and the American economy.

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About Our Org.

We are organized and operate primarily for the purpose of making independent expenditures to influence the selections, nominations, elections and appointments to, or removal from, Federal, State and Local public office.

We pursue our mission by researching key policy issues and communicating our findings to our primary audience: Americans. We communicate our findings via independent expenditures.